TOPIC OF THE MONTH - "Be who YOU want to be”

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Who do you want to be?

We are who we say we are, who we think we are and who we believe we can be. The first determination of our future starts in our mind. It starts with our self image and what we see when we look in the mirror. Don’t let people define you! Define yourself! Don’t let losses, obstacles or imperfections hold you back from trying again or from trying at all.

When you look at yourself, see who you want to be. Like the cat found the tiger in himself. Find in you the person you strive to become.

Part of the 110 challenge is defining yourself the way YOU see fit. It’s not about you versus everybody else it’s about you versus yourself. MEvsME. It’s about knowing yourself so well that no ones doubt could ever stop you. In fact it fuels you!

If you want to GO 110, grab a blank piece of paper or poster board. Find some magazines and clip out pictures or words that embody how you perceive yourself now and in the future. Make a collage on your poster board and hang it by your mirror as a visual representation of your self. If you lack confidence, find a picture of a confident person. If you feel small, find a picture of a something strong. If you want to be a winner find words like success, winning, the best! Look at those words and pictures daily and say them aloud to yourself. These are called AFFIRMATIONS.

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